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Webinar: Durability load data analysis

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This legendary phrase is not so daft and not for punks either. Applied to the automotive industry, durability experts strive to deliver lighter, stronger and more durable vehicles. And they preferably achieve these requirements while being more accurate and time & cost effective.


When acquiring road load data and setting durability targets, car manufacturers and suppliers need proven methods, tools and expertise to perform and speed up durability load data analysis.

 Infographic-Set realistic durability targets.jpgRoad load data analytics

But how do you speed up time-consuming tasks such as: load data consolidation which includes cleaning the data by removing/correcting anomalies, re-sampling, filtering, appending time signals or interactively processing specific intervals of the signals etc.? Or accurate rainflow counting, experimental fatigue analysis, creating accelerated and damage equivalent test profiles, generating effective reports about the acquired and processed data?


What you need is an innovative load and fatigue analysis solution. The Simcenter durability solution for load analysis helps you to gain critical insights when preparing for test rig campaigns and reliable simulations. Doing so, our customers are one step ahead to analyzing public road, proving ground, test rig campaigns and correlating with vehicle durability simulations.


On October 31st, our durability expert Safak Has will explain how to perform and speed up durability load data analysis using Simcenter Testing solutions.




To all durability experts and engineers, join this live webinar if you want to


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Harder => Make your insights stick, create damage equivalent and accelerated test profiles              

Better => Get more reliable results

Faster => Generate and run processes up to 50% faster than traditional solutions

Stronger => For a stronger, more durable design


Hereby the link to the live webinar: How to perform and speed up durability load data analysis


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