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Wind is in! Gearbox design for mega-size blades

Siemens Visionary Siemens Visionary
Siemens Visionary

Jari Toikkanen who heads up Research and Development at Moventas in Finland is just one of those super customers who is always a pleasure to talk to. This case study is actually the second one we have worked on together over the past decade or so, but to say that things have changed in the wind energy sector since our first article might be a bit of an understatement.


moventasblog36.pngSince 2007, Moventas has counted on state-of-the-art LMS solutions, including LMS Test.Lab software and LMS SCADAS hardware for data acquisition, vibration analysis and design troubleshooting. But over the past years, things have changed drastically for the wind industry. The turbines themselves have grown to the size of 30-story buildings with blade spans almost as large as the new Airbus A380.


And new regulations for quieter turbines moventasblog2.pngcombined with tough customer requirements for lighter gearboxes really keep Jari Toikkanen and his team on their toes. This case study explains why the team needs to rely on their in-house simulation software and LMS testing solutions more than ever to ensure a highly reliable design process and high-quality end product.


And, well, it seems to be working. We’ve just recently heard that Moventas has just ordered some additional LMS SCADAS Mobile units. Sounds like things are advancing nicely at Moventas.


Read the complete Moventas case study here