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Volvo Trucks cares about the health of its drivers and engineers quieter vehicles. Here's why and how:
Santa Claus Customs present FROSTY-ICE, the first Ultra-Cold Combustion Engine for sustainable present delivery
A complete solution for electric machine design, motoring and generating
Push the boundaries of evaluating vehicle NVH integration issues using model-based development (MBD)
Join us on the 20th of December for this informative webinar on the fundamentals of sound quality and learn how the human hearing system influences th...
Read the TPA white paper – a guideline to qualifying and quantifying vibro-acoustic transfer paths
Learn in this webinar how you can assess that you delta robot will minimize rejections, be precise enough or not consume too much energy as well as ma...
In modern cities, rivers are often barriers to travel. What if we could go change that?
Minimize your effort to tune the exhaust system model & maximize the time you spend exploring it
How Simcenter accelerates your certification processes with an integrated test/simulation approach.