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Want to avoid vehicle recalls and meet customer’s expectations? Download the infographic.
See how Femto Engineering determined the nature of failure of a collapsed crane in the Netherlands.
"Simulation of the system will definitely constitute the basis of engineering design" Andrea Vacca - associate professor at Purdue
Students performed flutter testing of gliders with LMS SCADAS XS: watch how they did it!
See how you can define enforced displacement boundary conditions that avoid creation of singularities or stress concentrations by using interpolation ...
Case study: Faurecia uses Simcenter to fulfil demands for durable, light, cost-effective exhaust systems
Are you sceptic about how much value model-based systems engineering (MBSE) could add to product development?
At ATE, I demonstrate one testing system to optimize powertrain NVH, performance and fuel efficiency
Learn in this free 45-minut webinar how model-based systems engineering can support virtual design of new machine architecture including hybrid functi...
Discover the story of Julien Jourbert, developer for the LMS Amesim platform and project manager for the new ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems...