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Generate confidence in vehicle performance verification for ADAS and autonomous driving systems using Siemens Digital Industries Solutions.
Announcing the first edition of the new Simcenter Magazine: Engineer INNOVATION!
Volvo Trucks cares about the health of its drivers and engineers quieter vehicles. Here's why and how:
Santa Claus Customs present FROSTY-ICE, the first Ultra-Cold Combustion Engine for sustainable present delivery
A complete solution for electric machine design, motoring and generating
Push the boundaries of evaluating vehicle NVH integration issues using model-based development (MBD)
Read the TPA white paper – a guideline to qualifying and quantifying vibro-acoustic transfer paths
Minimize your effort to tune the exhaust system model & maximize the time you spend exploring it
Well, we headed up to Uniti in Lund, Sweden to find out...
ICE vs. E – Choose NOW! These days powertrain bias is the most dangerous thing an engineer can jump onto