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Why is a pair of cucumber slices placed on the eyes during makeup? It is too hot for the eyes! The cucumber slices extract the heat, keeping the eyes ...
    Simcenter Prescan announces the release of version 2019.1.
What will Automotive Testing Expo bring this year? Keep reading to find out.
Join us at our seminar in which we will present our new validation and verification framework.
Siemens performs a broad range of regulatory and development ADAS tests.
Discover one of the project achievement, about to be presented at major automotive symposiums in May 2019
Virtual validation and verification are about to become common practice for advanced driver assistance systems.
Digital twins don’t lie. (Or do they???)SimRod knows the answer…
One of my favorite games at the arcade growing up was a full motion boat racing simulator. Every time I took a seat in the game, I was fascinated by t...