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What if you just travelled far for a measurement campaign and your testing equipment is not on the belt? Simcenter Testing solutions help Agfa Graphic...
What will Automotive Testing Expo bring this year? Keep reading to find out.
Siemens performs a broad range of regulatory and development ADAS tests.
Digital twins don’t lie. (Or do they???)SimRod knows the answer…
Electric vehicle noise challenges drive the NVH engineering and spark new technologies.
Simcenter Vibration Control Testing enables you to manage complex vibration profiles for electric car development.
North America’s largest renewable energy producer chooses Simcenter for their turbine maintenance plan.
OEMs are struggling to comply with the new pass-by noise limits. Learn how to predict the noise levels earlier. Simcenter Vehicle pass-by noise predic...
All you need to know for superior NVH performance of electric drives, batteries and full vehicles
Durability testing has evolved throughout past decades. What tools do you need to use do durability testing efficiently?