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A new Femap Student Edition software package is now available for download and is free to students.
View the parallel processing enhancements to the thermal and flow solvers in the recently released Femap version 11.4.2
View the enhancements to the thermal and flow simulation capabilities in the recently released Femap version 11.4.2
View the graphical user interface updates to the thermal and flow capabilities in recently released version 11.4.2 of Femap
We’re very pleased to announce that Femap version 11.4.2 has now been released and is available for download. Find out more about the Femap 11.4.2 rel...
The Femap monthly subscription options introduced last year to the online store have been expanded to include two new options offering more advanced c...
Read about how Almatech uses Femap to in the search for exoplanets in an article by
See how Femto Engineering determined the nature of failure of a collapsed crane in the Netherlands.
See how you can define enforced displacement boundary conditions that avoid creation of singularities or stress concentrations by using interpolation ...
The Perlan 2 aircraft project aims to reach an altitude of 90,000 feet – higher than any plane has ever flown – and without an engine.