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MLMM - Say it quickly 3 times? Luckily, our modal parameter estimator is easier to use than to pronounce!
Experience this realistic environment through human-in-the-loop.
Over the last 30 years the usage of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) composites have grown due to their lightweight properties and structural performan...
And how French technical center UTAC CERAM helps silence vehicles with advanced pass-by noise techniques
Watch the movie and discover how to predict and optimize powertrain noise.
Discover how PUNCH Powerglide develops innovative automatic transmissions with Simcenter.
Watch the webinar and set targets that match your customer usage profile.
Case study: Faurecia uses Simcenter to fulfil demands for durable, light, cost-effective exhaust systems
More from Automotive testing Expo: find out how LMS SCADAS XS efficiently records NVH data while driving
More from Automotive Testing Expo Europe: Learn about the Simcenter solutions for automotive sound quality