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What's going on? Use interactive analysis to rapidly investigate phenomena, process channels and more.
Run simulations from anywhere in the world, at any time and on any kind of device
Discover must-have features to tackle electrification, controls engineering and other design challenges
  We’re pleased to announce the release of Femap version 12!
There’s a lot to say about Simcenter Testlab 18. Want to know all about it in a nutshell? Here’s your hub
Would you associate the concept of sound with satellites? Well, maybe not, as sound does not propagate in deep space… But have you thought about satel...
Some of you may recall the time when we first introduced LMS Test.Lab. This was back in the year 2000. We (and our PCs) had just recovered from the ap...
With Process Designer, obtain load data analysis results faster and easier.
The task was simple: make sound quality analysis in Testlab Neo easy end efficient. How did we do? Intuitive sound quality - how did we do?