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PurdueTracer winning teamFind out more about the thrilling experience of the winning challenger
... to strengthen Brazilian aircraft industry using Simcenter Amesim
"Simulation of the system will definitely constitute the basis of engineering design" Andrea Vacca - associate professor at Purdue
Massimo Rundo shares is thoughts about system simulation and his results of researches within the Fluid Power Research Laboratory at The Politecnico d...
Tutorial - In 1940 the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed due to the wind external periodic frequency excitation that matched the structure natural frequ...
Tutorial - Let’s consider a car with its suspensions. If the suspensions are only acting as springs, the car oscillates perpetually!
Think of a large industrial hydraulic press for car body parts, what crosses your mind?
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What goes up must come down! Maybe you think a vertical throw of a mass is some 11th grade stuff.
How long does it take to cool down a beverage in your fridge? This question and many more thermodynamics problems can be answered by using LMS Amesim ...