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Join us on December 5 for an exciting Simcenter TEST training day in the beautiful city of Prague!
Evolving technical challenges are pushing the technology to its limits and often forcing engineers to make hard choices. Increasing performance while ...
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Electric car drivers just want to have fun, don’t they? How can engineering make resistance for adoption fade away? How can new development methodolog...
New transfer path analysis methods are a game changer in the relationship between OEMs and suppliers.
Have you ever wondered about the physics of a roller coster? Or thought about how strong the bolts and joints have to be to....
Go beyond traditional test or CAE methods and deploy a target setting process for body rigidity
Reawaken your creative spirit by learning from others at the Simcenter Conferences
Faster complex chemistry and more accurate LES combustion in Simcenter STAR-CCM+v13.06!
Analyze public road, proving ground, test rig campaigns and correlate with simulations