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Last fall, a delegation from John Deere enrolled for a customized, three-day NVH workshop.
  Discover how Electra Meccanica accomplished its digital journey.
And how French technical center UTAC CERAM helps silence vehicles with advanced pass-by noise techniques
... to strengthen Brazilian aircraft industry using Simcenter Amesim
The shipbuilder leader opted for Simcenter Amesim solution - discover the full video testimonial:
Discover how PUNCH Powerglide develops innovative automatic transmissions with Simcenter.
Read about how Almatech uses Femap to in the search for exoplanets in an article by
See how Femto Engineering determined the nature of failure of a collapsed crane in the Netherlands.
"Simulation of the system will definitely constitute the basis of engineering design" Andrea Vacca - associate professor at Purdue
Case study: Faurecia uses Simcenter to fulfil demands for durable, light, cost-effective exhaust systems