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Documenting your setup ensures test consistency & repeatability. But what a tedious task… Or maybe not?
Leave your car at the drop-off point and order it to return at the requested timing via your mobile app
We’ve put our high frequency shakers to the test, submerging it in transmission fluid, read more here.
Watch this video to see how you can assign different material properties to solid geometry.
See how you can define enforced displacement boundary conditions that avoid creation of singularities or stress concentrations by using interpolation ...
See how you can segment part of a model and perform results enveloping in Femap and quickly get a sense of the maximum or minimum output values across...
View and share today a short recorded webinar on the fundamentals of vibration engineering
See how to acquire wall thicknesses from geometry for mid-surfaces and apply them as element properties to plate elements in Femap
Tutorial - Let’s consider a car with its suspensions. If the suspensions are only acting as springs, the car oscillates perpetually!
Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of United States once said, “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”