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Everyone knows the feeling: You're going about your day, like usual, and it happens... your hand slips leaving your phone in a free fall.
...four qualify in gold and one in silver. 
and the whole town turns out for the opening ceremony!
six days to go, Team Simcenter get ready. 
Sailing is the preserve of the ultra rich and world championships are only for international athletes ... not true if you are part of the Simcenter te...
The aviation industry is living its golden age with record passenger traffic and tremendous growth - air traffic is expected to be doubled in the next...
Modern motor design challenges require expanding electromagnetic performance simulation into other areas such as NVH & CFD
Have you come across a gear that was neither carved, cast nor forged nor 3D printed, but biologically evolved? I can hear you saying spiny turtle char...
While we know that electrification is an imperative for automakers, we also know that more and more focus is going to be on the software content..