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You think air travel is tough? Try being an airplane seat, it's nothing but abuse, yet they soldier on...
The structural dynamics analysis of rotating turbomachinery is challenging. Find out how we break the problem down.
Undersirable noise have a huge effect on the perception of quality of a product, so how can we mitigate this efficiently?
FEA is well established for the prediction of vibro-acoustics phenomena however traditional methods suffers from several issues to efficiently tackle ...
MLMM - Say it quickly 3 times? Luckily, our modal parameter estimator is easier to use than to pronounce!
Learn about the process from testing raw data to simulation. 
In the most recent release of Simcenter: STAR-CCM+ you can get more out of your simulations by simply shrinking, find out about all the amazing possib...
Experience this realistic environment through human-in-the-loop.
Over the last 30 years the usage of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) composites have grown due to their lightweight properties and structural performan...