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Digital twins don’t lie. (Or do they???)SimRod knows the answer…
One of my favorite games at the arcade growing up was a full motion boat racing simulator. Every time I took a seat in the game, I was fascinated by t...
Electric vehicle noise challenges drive the NVH engineering and spark new technologies.
For the right companies, simulation is delivering a lot of value. The question for them is how to get more of it. In this post, we look at a variety o...
Process engineers must ensure high temperature processes are as efficient as possible. How can CFD help?
Find out major capabilities for vehicle electrification, aerospace, controls engineering and ease of use.
The marine industry needs to move to a new normal for vessel design, or face failure. Learn more in this white paper.
Caroline Raick, Product Manager shares her story about the integration of Samtech into the Simcenter portfolio.
Simcenter Vibration Control Testing enables you to manage complex vibration profiles for electric car development.
A complete solution for battery cell design and pack integration simulation