2D File suddenly will not open

How can I open a file that that I was working on a few days ago and now says "Cannot open file. Make sure the file is the correct type and version for the application and that you have read access"

As far as I know nothing changed when I closed it down last.

According to the file size everything is still there.



Re: 2D File suddenly will not open

I think someone may have opened it on a computer with ST9 version installed.

I will keep this thread updated, when I can try it on ST9!!

Re: 2D File suddenly will not open

Are you working on a network? I think you do because you talk about someone else with opening it with ST9.


This year my company had 4 drafts and 1 sheetmetal that became corrupt with the same error. Problem is that something happens on the network at the moment you save your draft.


The draft is broken then, but Siemens can repair it but not always they need to review it first. We started to encounter this problem when upgrading upto ST8.


We currently have 1 draft at Siemens with this problem, but it can take up to 1-2 weeks for them to repair.


You could check it with ST9 or mayby back-up? We had only a back-up from the day before and could wait.

Re: 2D File suddenly will not open

Yes, that was it! now installed ST9 and everything works fine!!