2D line offset

I want to draw in 2D a device which consists of many parallel, offset lines.  It is annoying that I have to then go back and delete the offset distance dimmensions and the offset symbol on each of many offsets. Is there a way to change this?


Re: 2D line offset

dgalitzine, have you tried the array command. Look under HOME/MIRROR/RECTANGULAR PATTERN.  The command requires that you draw one line where you want it with a set length.  The balance of the command lets you set the offset distance in both x and y (i.e., if applicable) directions. No dimensions show up in the result.



Re: 2D line offset

If you turn off "maintain relationships" while you use the offset command you will not get the dimensions.

If you do end up with lots of dimensions you can use quick select and delete then all at once.