3d drafts dimensioning

I have a question.

We are using Solid Edge 3D here. Now that I have switched from drafting to quotation I don’t have a licence for 3d anymore which is why I downloaded the 2D version so I can have access to the draft. However, I have to take measurements from previous projects done in 3D from .dft files and with 2D I can not snap the dimensions. One way I figured out is to save the .dft in a .dwg and reopen it with 2D so I can take the dimensions.

Is there an easier way?

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Re: 3d drafts dimensioning

The behavior you are seeing is by design
3D model derived rawing views are not locatable in 2D Drafting.
One enhancement that is planned it to enable locate of the drawing view
geometry for the 2D measure commands.
This will not enable the drawing view geometry for dimensioning.
Rick B.