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I am wanting to update our custom templates. 


The existing templates need tidying up.  Nothing is dimensioned and when I start to dimension they are all over the place.


Putting everything where I want isn't the issue.


Once I have everything where I want them, how do I lock them in place so that the template cannot be moved if dragged?


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I don't understand your question. The title of the post is 'Border Templates'. I assume you just have a Draft template file that you are updating. Sheet border geometry is typically on a Background sheet. When you create a Working sheet to place your design geometry, you reference a Background sheet (sheet border) from the Working sheet. When editing geometry or design on the Working sheet, you can see the background geometry, but you cannot change it from the Working sheet. Please elaborate on your workflow.



Rick B.

Re: Border Templates


Hi Riblack.


My issue isn't drafting a model on the working sheet.


I want to update the template itself.


The main border and title block are not fixed to any position and can be dragged or when I put on a dimension to to size the border or title block other lines may move.


This can be solved by contraining the main border to a fixed position.

Is this posible?

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@Dazzie  With the Maintain Relationships toggle ON, you can use the Lock relationship to lock the border lines in place thus preventing other relationships from moving them.


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