Cannot download SE 2D free

I have succesfully registered and obviously gained access to this forum, but cannot find a viable link to the download. All I get is ads for FOOTWEAR of all things and 2 links that claim to be the download but only send me back to the registration page again. I love logic loops.
Do I have to download the "license" only file first? As usual with CAD programs, help is anything but helpful. I am using Windows XP, but Outlook gives me an error message when I try to ask a question.

Please help.

Re: Cannot download SE 2D free

The problem should have been resolved aroung 12/2 2:30 PM Central time US.
Rick B.

Re: Cannot download SE 2D free

I think you need to use Internet Explorer and may need to have pop-up blocker turned off, it should have opened another window or gone to another page with the download link.

All that said the new version will hopefully be here very soon, they are advertising the the for pay 3D version now.

Re: Cannot download SE 2D free

I called the 1800 number and by the next day they had the server issue fixed. Had the same problem. Give them a call. It is simple and free. I was surprised that they called me back on the phone and communicated in real time via email. Not bad for a company who has better things to do than service the free2d individuals.