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What am I doing wrong. What's contained in the drawing is two circles some distance horizontally apart with a vertical center line.

There is a text box with text under it that needs to be centered.

I can move the object to the x origin+(the width of the text box/2).
Do I really need a calculator in front of me to move about 8 objects like this?

In the program I used to use, I'd Group the circles and lock that object. I'd then select the two objects (group of circles and text) and apply an ALIGN function which has specific options.

How do you easily do it in SE?


Re: Centering - how to

I can move the object to the x origin+(the width of the text box/2).
Do I really need a calculator in front of me to move about 8 objects like this?


Ron do you really need to center the text box up to the last decimal??

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No, the text is not Annotation. It is the actual label of a remote control, so placing it anywhere won't do.

Ricky said earlier that you don't need functions like ALIGN/DISTRIBUTE because you can precisely position objects.

I have about 5 of these text objects to center and one with a single hole.

The label area isn't square. It's composed of arcs and lines. Under the labeled area there will be a PC board which again isn't square. Then there can be another PC board under that that is also a different shape.

The case is here:

The switches, labels and underlying PC board(s) have to line UP.

Simple: black lettering, white label and black buttons on a black case. Not production quantities.

Polycase can stamp and route the box. I can also get labels made with holes if I was doing quantity. Elastomer keys would also be a better choice.

It's just annoying that it takes so long to do something simple.

With the program I was used to:
Draw circle, linear duplicate 2 units. The linear duplicate vertical 4 units.
Group entire mess.
Align vertical in the labeled area. Nudge it horizontally until it looks good and the fingers can reach the buttons.

In a few minutes, I could find the spacing that looks pretty decent. In SE, I seem to be drawing like I did manually with construction lines, etc.

Re: Centering - how to

The label area isn't square. It's composed of arcs and lines. Under the labeled area there will be a PC board which again isn't square. Then there can be another PC board under that that is also a different shape.


If you can share your drawing with all the info, it will be easier to help you

Thank you

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OK, you asked for it.

There is a label, Work In Progress. It has a couple of wierd symbols and an odd looking circle. Ignore those. The center marks are the most important because that's where I would drill.

The outline of the "buttons" would be removed anyway as they are the actual button size and not the hole size. I was trying to find a symbol that looked like a pyramid and upside down pyramid to signify UP and DOWN. I was looking at the Dingbat font.

The initial point was to find a horizontal spacing that could work. Offset to one side is possible to make it a better one-hand, right handed remote control.

An LED hole will go somewhere above the top button and probably to the right.

1st. The label outline is shown in the wrong direction. I'd like that to behave as group in which I could rotate. It will probably have light or very thin lines which will be used to cut the label by hand. Right now it is not on a different layer. I tried joining the segments, but it doesn't seem to work. At least what I tried. The Rigid set seems to be non-working either.

2nd: There will be another layer which would contain the outline of a printed circuit board.
There are specific mounting bosses in the case that need to line up. We are not there yet.

3rd. There is a construction line (another layer) where I used to line up the buttons. Each pair was defined as a rigid set. It seemed to be easier to use the center of the circle rather than the center of the rigid set.

4th: Dimensions are on another layer.

5th. If I try to re-size the text box, it doesn't re-size and keep the center where it is.

6th: I cant move the text based on the center of the text box.

7th: Ideally, I'd like to have two buttons and their corresponding label as a group using a "nice" distance. I'd rather it be the horizontal center of the text box.

The terms horizontal and vertical are a bit messed up primarily because SE knows how to deal with text horizontally. It hasn't a clue what to do with it vertically. It mangles the text box and you have to re-size it.

So, what's the easiest way to get all of the "ducks" in a row? If we ASSUME a center construction line, I'd want the button(s) centered along one vertical line (assuming the part is in the used orientation) The Text should also centered along that axis and the label outline centered along that axis as well.

IF the grouped objects were 2 buttons and a corresponding label, I could easily play with the vertical distance.


The whole point is to:
1) Find an ergonomic spacing/placement of the buttons.
2) Get a vector PDF or Postscript file which can be used to print a single color of black.
3) Define the PCB outline and the positions of the switches with respect to the PCB mounting holes.

The registration of the label, front PCB and rear PCB can be done by knowing the vertical center line and the midpoint of the large radius cut.

Now, you should realize that the center of the objects are very important. Not just the center of primitives such as lines and circles.

In this PDF fie:
PDF page 9 is the PCB outline that the buttons attach too. PDF page 8 can be an axillary PCB that could be mounted on the back of the case.

One way to interconnect these would be a flex cable. Another would be a daughterboard.

If you do a "properties" on a grouped object, SE doesn't even tell you it's part of a group. It doesn't even indicate that when you select the group.

The instructions aren't helpful, primarily because it refers to an icon by name, but doesn;t show you what the icon looks like.

As I'm thinking, linear duplicate, could effectively be expanded to be any shape. An example would be a bolt circle. e.g. distribute 6 holes along a circle

I had another project that I had to do and that was make labels for small boxes. It had an outer label and an inner label and they were about 1" x 1". They had an Id on the top of the box and a calibration number.

the inner label had something like:
STD 124
( 9.09)

The outer label

STD 124

type of std

It was so easy to make a template for 4 or 5 of them. I can't even figure out a way to effectively do it quickly in SE. VB mangles spaces, so I can't show centering. This forum doesn't allow fonts either.

Thanks in advance for trying to help.


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OK, you asked for it.

Smiley Happy looks like it is all or nothing for the info let me take look and see what i can come out

Re: Centering - how to

Thanks bunches. I need to know the HOW it's done in SE.

Based on today's playing/printing, I'll probably make it a right-hand operated control and try to make the spacing about 0.600" apart rather than 0.800". The right hand button centerline would be about 0.375" from the smallest right label edge.

the device name would be centered vertically on the label.

As I said earlier, I am trying to design on paper, so that the keyboard feels right.

Initial thought was centered on the case. That configuration makes it hard to use as a one-handed control. 0.600" might be too close. The solder pads are 0.200" apart, so the buttons have to be a multiple of 0.050" apart. 6 mm is the closest they can be.

For fun make a square with radius-ed corners, say 1" x 1" and center it horizontally on the odd shaped object at the 90 deg horizontal that is at the maximum radius.

Thanks again,