Change the Layer Order

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Hi, I have imported a file I started in AutoCAD.

And the layers list is not in alphabetical order, and as far as I can tell it cannot be re-arranged, or sorted at all. And one must just live with it. I would just like to confirm that this is correct? I have tried everything except ask here...

I also find this a pain in that when I make a Solid Edge drawing from scratch I have to plan in advance all the layers I want, and create them in the order I wanted them to appear.

Have a look at the attached picture how unintuitive it is. The two cradle layers are far from each other. And the gerber layers are split up. It slows down ones work speed and makes it feel messy.

Re: Change the Layer Order

You are correct.
Layers cannot be sorted in alphabetic order.
This is being requested often and is being considered for a future
Rick B.

Re: Change the Layer Order

Ah ok I suspected so, thanks for the confirmation

Re: Change the Layer Order

I am considering this for a future enhancement.
Rick B.

Re: Change the Layer Order

Please consider away! I think it is crucial. Either make it that one can set the order, or it orders them alphabetically, and then one can name the layers with prefixes that automatically group them.