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I brought my drawings over from my old 2D software to work on.  There are a lot of duplicated elements in it which makes the going less than smooth. I've been trying to use “Clean Sketch” to delete the duplicated elements without success. How do you use this command bar? Also, will it remove elements from all the layers, or just the active one?




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Since you have to select the elements you want to be cleaned, it will clean any elements on any layer as long as they are selected.  If there are geometric or dimensional relationships on the elements, it will not clean them.


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OK I can see the relationships.  I have turned off "Maintain Rel", but I can't see how to remove the relationships.  What I have been doing is simply deleting the elements until it no longer is displayed then undo the last delete.  It's faster than going through the "Quick Pick" list, but that is going to take a very long time.  Is there a way to remove all the relationships from the entire drawing in one command?  


I should mention, if it isn't obviouis, I am completely new to Solid Edge, and for the most part am floundering around picking up bits and pieces from the Help menu and youtube as I go.  Feel free to assume I know nothing.



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If you want to delete all the relationships and leave the geometry, do the following.


Turn on the Relationship Handles so that you can see them. With the Select command running, click on the Options button on the Select command bar. You will see the Select Options dialog. Uncheck everything except for 'Relationship handles'. Click on OK in the dialog. To select everything use 'CTRL+A' for SelectAll. The constraints will be selected, but it will look like the geometry is also selected. The reason is that the geometry connected to the constraints will highlight. Press Delete and the constraints will be deleted. The geometry should not delete. If it does, then you did not uncheck everything the the Select Options dialog. Once you have deleted the constraints, go back and enable the options in the Select Options dialog.



Rick B. 

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If I unselect 'wireframe' nothing can be selected. Also no relationship handles show up.  Here is part of the drawing.  It was not originally created in Solid Edge if that matters.



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Hi Bill

I tried clean sketch on your model and it worked fine.

I turned on all the layers. ( made all layers visible )

Selected  clean sketch from the ribbon menu

Left click at one corner of your model and drag the mouse to the diagonal corner to form a box around your model.

Click finish in the command menu and the job is done

Good luck



PS that was with all the options ticked in the select options box