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If I use Ctrl+A to select all geometry on a sheet, then Copy to Clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste into Excel, Powerpoint or Word, the "image" comes in looking like a screen capture with a white background. See the attached example in MS Powerpoint.

Any way I can get just the geometry and a transparent background without resorting to pasting into a raster program and saving as a true image file (like .png) with transparency support? I want to have the transparency AND be able to double click the "image" in Excel, Powerpoint or Word and have it open in SE for making changes.

I don't believe it's an MS issue. Autosketch v6 (which is ancient) doesn't have this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Tim Flater
Enkei America, Inc.

Re: Copy/Paste

Tim Flater
Enkei America, Inc.

Re: Copy/Paste

When Solid Edge builds the image to display inthe container application,
Word, the area displayed is currently filled with the sheet color.
This is why you do not see the image transparent.
We will have to add UI to optionally not fill the display area for the
As for double clicking to open Solid Edge, this should work.
You must have Solid Edge installed on the machine on which you are opening
the container file.
Rick B.

Re: Copy/Paste


Thanks for the response. I was only concerned about the transparency issue. Double-clicking to open & edit in SE works just fine.

On a related note, any chances of getting support for importing/exporting CGM files? Seems odd that NX has it out of the box and SE doesn't, but those comparisons have been going on for years now.

Thanks again!
Tim Flater
Enkei America, Inc.