Copy and paste problem.

I'm using V.20 and it's as if the clipboard won't refresh.

I can copy and paste something and when I try and copy and paste something different all I can get is the first copy and paste,it's as if the clipboard only accepts the first copy.

Also when I use the co-ordinate boxes perhaps to draw a line it sometimes seems locked on a previous co-ordinate even though there is now no number in the box.
Pressing F5 to refresh doesn't help.


Re: Copy and paste problem.

Try to highlight some geometry and use the Copy and Paste commands,
not CTRL+C and CTRL+V.
Let me know if this works.
Rick B.

Re: Copy and paste problem.

Hi Rick,

I do highlight it and use the copy and paste commands,not the keyboard.
Occasionally when I open a drawing the previous co-ordinates seem to be locked in and I have to type random new ones in and then delete them and it's okay then.

Perhaps it's just peculiar to my computer.
I'd switch to the latest version,but the V.20 GUI layout seems to have everything where I want it and it has the co-ordinate boxes that I find so handy.


Re: Copy and paste problem.

You can enable the old coordinate boxes in the newer versions by adding the
old Grid command to the QuickAccess toolbar.
I still do not know what your problem could be with copy and paste.
How much customization do you do to the user interface?
Rick B.

Re: Copy and paste problem.

Hi Rick,

I don't think I've changed the GUI at all,at least not that I'm aware of.
Anyway not to worry,it could just be peculiar to my PC set up.

I might try V102 when I come to do a new project,if I use it now and don't like it I cannot open anything I save with it if I go back to V.20 IIRC