Crashes when opening dxf file


just started using the free2d software.
I try to open a dxf file, a file that I can happily open in turbocad, or designcad3d
(demo), but in SolidEdge 2d it will crash.
It creates a crash report, and asks me if I want to send it, which I do.
Any ideas?

I also tried to insert a large tiff or jpg file, so I could draw over it.
Same problem.

Running Dual core Xp pro 1 gbyte ram, 3 ghz processor. This system I use happily
with Adobe Premiere, manipulating LARGE video files.

Re: Crashes when opening dxf file

Can you post the .dxf file to the news group? I can investigate the problem
if I have the file. If you had rather send the file directly to me instead
of posting it, you can do that also.
Ricky Black
Solid Edge Product Manager - Draft / Data Migration
UGS - Transforming the process of innovation