DWG AutoCad files

Hello all,

Yesterday i downloaded and installed the free version of Solid Edge 2D.
I tried to open an AutoCad file but it does not open it.

All that opens is a small "New" box with 4 tabs that remain empty (General, Move, Quicksheet and Reports) and that's pretty much it. Nothing else happens and the OK button is not active so the only option is clicking the cancel button.

Does anyone has a clue what this can be ?
Thanks in advance,


Re: DWG AutoCad files

Can you send the AutoCAD file to me?
I'll take a look at it.
Send it directly to my email address.
Rick B.

Re: DWG AutoCad files

Thanks Ricky !

I will let someone sent the file to you.
BTW: just installed the package and copied the .dat file into the folder "program" in the install dir, nothing more (and running Vista).

Best regards,

Re: DWG AutoCad files

I got the AutoCAD file. I am able to open it with no problem.
I did not initially understand the problem you were describing.
But when you mentioned Vista, I knew what the problem was.
Vista is a pain in the back side.
I am running XP and do not see the problem you are seeing.
However, this is an issue with the way you have your user accounts set up on
You have to select a Solid Edge template to translate the AutoCAD file to
Solid Edge format when it is opened.
Vista is keeping the Solid Edge templates from displaying in the 'New'
There is a topic in the free2d newsgroup called "No Templates & Options Not
It is about 10 to 12 topics down in the list.
Please read through this topic and the replies to the topic. It should
explain how to resolve the issue.
If it does not work, please let me know.
Rick B.

Re: DWG AutoCad files

Dear Rick,

Thank you very much for your help because it works now Smiley Happy
With Vista you need to run the program with adminitarion rights.
And that is all it takes to make it work.

Maybe I will aks someone to try the same thing with Step7, who knows....
Thanks again and greetings,


Re: DWG AutoCad files

Why not use simple Autocad TrueDWG it read and converts, if so problems occurs Smiley Happy
its free