Decimal point

I have a belgian azerty keyboard with a decimal point(.) not a " virgule" (,)
on the numericalextra keyboard. When entering measurements I allways tap the point
and then I have a response value not regconised or something like that .
Then I need to change My Point into a virgule on the azrty keyboard .
Can the system be changed that it works with a decimal point instead of a virgule

Re: Decimal point

I spoke with a person that works with the different languages. This is what
she said.
I hope this helps.
Rick B.
When, I look at the keyboard mapping dropdown list (Control Panel > Regional
and Language Options > Languages > Text Services and Input Languages > Add >
Keyboard layout/IME), I see two settings for Belgian - Belgian (period) and
Belgian (comma). Try setting this to Belgian (period). Then set the
Default input language dropdown list to reference this mapping.