Dimension coordinates / re-adding dimensions

Hello, I am trying to find a way to get the actual coordinates of both ends of a dimension.  Background on what I'm doing:  I have an app, written in C# (WPF) which allows our DEs to edit wire harness drawings. the terminations (blocks) are manually connected and sized by the engineer using smart dimensions. (See attached image). The problem is when they edit a termination (connector, flying lead, splice ect.) it has to delete the block to re-add it with the new changes. Once the block is deleted, it deletes the connected dimension lines. 


I have to find a way to track the details of the dimensions so I can recreate them programatically when they add the blocks back to the draft.  I thought somewhere I would be able to access meta data showing what blocks the dimension is attached to, where physically the dimension is on the draft, end 1 coordinates ect..


Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks, Matt



Re: Dimension coordinates / re-adding dimensions

Probably should post this to the "Solid Edge Developer" forum.  Not going to get to many programmers on this forum.


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Re: Dimension coordinates / re-adding dimensions

Thanks, I'll do that!