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As I am drawing an object and establishing dimensions, unless I use the dimension command to hold those physical dimensions andmake changes to the object, those dimensions that I have not specified are likely to change.  Two questions:

1.  Is it necessary to place all dimensions on a drawing as it is being sketched in order to hold the dimensions in place?

2.  If number 1 is not the case, why are my drawings changing size as I make changes to other areas?


I expect I just don't fully understand the workings of this software, (it is certainly different than AutoCad), but I would really appreciate any help that you can provide.



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‎11-24-2015 10:17 AM

Re: Dimensions

Hi Jim,


One thing to remember, as it is in AutoCAD, the dimensions used in the 2D Model, will not read well when placing scaled views [ACAD ref: "view ports"] on your working sheets.


When dimensioning to control your 2D Model, I would place them on the "Auto Hide" layer, then they won't be visible anywhere exept your master model view.



Let me know if you want me to post an example. [be aware, I'm on ST8 though]

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