Dmension text not displayed

I am running Solid Edge 2D ver. ST5 and really like it. Great free software!!! Here is the problem I somehow turned off the text on my dimensions. I can go through the process of adding a dimension (distance between two lines) and all works except the only thing I get is the dimension line with arrows, NO numbers. I have check the text color to make sure it is not set to my back ground color. I can however use the Auto Dimension radio button and get it to display correctly for all new drawing but still no joy on existing. Any help or advice you could give me would be great!


Re: Dmension text not displayed

If you can send the file to me as an attachment to an email, I can find what you changed to disable the text. Then I can tell you what you need to set to get it back..

Rick B.

Re: Dmension text not displayed

Most often, this is caused by the user changing the dimension type to "blank" on your dimension command bar. Any dimensions that you have already placed this way can be changed individually, and before you place any new, first make sure to change the dimension type back to "nominal".


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Dmension text not displayed

This is true. If you change the type to blank, that dimension and all subsequent dimensions will be of type blank until you change it back while creating a new dimension. Changing the type on an existing dimension will not change the type for placement. It will only change the selected dimension.

Rick B.