Extraction failed, file is corrupt

Downloads 99% real quick & then hangs on the last 1% for ever. Tried to download a number of times, all with the same result. Where do you get a download for ST6 thats not corrupt ?.


Re: Extraction failed, file is corrupt

Hi there,


The file is most likely corrupt because it wasn't completely downloaded....connection interuptions along the way are the most common cause.

I would recommend using one of the download managers available free online, and try again.

[one such example...]

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Re: Extraction failed, file is corrupt

Be aware that Siemens has changed a policy on download managers and now only supports "GetRight" a paid product and "DownThemAll" a FireFox only free product.  If you use another download manager and it misbehaves with too many connection attempts, you may get blocked.


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