Field error in ST5

I have just installed version ST5 and I chose a copy of my version-ST4 user template as default.
ST4-drawings display diagonally crossed boxes over my textboxes in the background legend region, but correctly display the creation date of the drawings.
New files, however, fail to display the date field and show an error message: "Error: no reference". The callout text reads: %{Created/@dd/MM/yy}.
My questions:
1. Can I add and save pre-formatted text fields in the legend area of my user template as I used to with ST4?
2. How should I proceed to get a working date reference in the legend area of my user template?


Re: Field error in ST5

I just found out that the error date message goes away after saving and reloading the file. Still looks like a small bug, but with this I can live.