File - pre release version

Good morning,
I have a file created a couple of months ago in version ST3. Trying to open
it I get a message: 'The file was created with a pre-release version of the
software. The file is no longer valid.'
Can you suggest how the file can be opened - it was not created in a
pre-release version.
Many thanks,

Re: File - pre release version

Are you now running ST4?
Send the file directly to me as an email attachment and I will see if I can get the file fixed.

Rick B.

Re: File - pre release version

Did this ever get solved?


I have this issue after a recent server update; heaps of .par & .psm files not working

Re: File - pre release version

This is the 2D Free forum.  Given you have 3D files that are not working I would suggest contacting your VAR or GTAC for support since you are obviously not using the Free 2D product.


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