Free 2D drafting

I have downloaded the free 2D. It appears on "my Documents" but not on my "all programmes" I therefore cannot get it to run. There is no icon on my desk top.
I previously downloaded the solid edge viewer ST3 with no problems and it works fine with files sent from the engineering company I am working with.
Any solution ?

Re: Free 2D drafting

Did you install the software after you downloaded it?
The download is an installation executable.
Double click on the executable in you "My Documents" to install.
You most likely will have to uninstall the free viewer first.
Installing 2D Drafting will also install the latest free viewer.
Rick B.

Re: Free 2D drafting

Thanks Ricky
Deleting the original 3D viewer did the trick.
Now all I have to do is get up to speed with this, hopefully,user friendly system.
I am one of the originals trained with Perma trace and HD pencils many years ago.