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Hello together,


does anybody know how I can change the numbering of holes from standard like 1.1 ,1.2 etc. to GB1 , GB2, GB3 and so on. I can´t find any adjustment possibilities? Additionally i do not want to have the legend directly on the holes, just in the Hole chart! And how can I change the size of the legend on the holes all together in one step? If i click on one legend and change the size of this legend Solid Edge only changes this one, but I would like to change all legends to this size.


One more thing, how is it possible to hide the lines and the text x1, y1 of coordinate origin?coordinates.JPG


Thanks in advance.

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I can help you with the name of the hole, to change from 1.1 to 1.

In the menu bar of the hole table there is a button that  looks like a 'post it' with a +/- in it, click this button.

There is a box named origin/size with a 1, delete this number, and then the numbers in the holes and in the table will be the way you want. The other questions I don't know how to answer... I will follow your post to discover how to do this too Smiley Happy 

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Hello @Marcello


Here are the answers you seek:


1. To Change numbering to GB, select the hole table and from the Command Bar, click the Properties button.




In the Hole Table Properties dialog box, General tab, change the Delimiter to None. Click OK.





This will get rid of the dot in the 1.1


Then, with the hole table still selected, take the last button Notes and Tolerances on the Command bar:




In the dialog box that appears, change the Origin/size text as shown in the image below:




2. To not have the legend on the holes but only in the table, pick and delete them.


3. To change the size of the legend all at once, pick them each using the Control key pressed and then from the Home tab on the ribbon, Dimensions group, start the Edit Properties command. In the dialog that appears, change the Font Size and it will affect all selected items:





4. To hide lines and the text x1, y1 of the origin, place them on a new layer and hide the layer.


If this answers all your queries, mark the post as Accepted Solution.


~Tushar Suradkar

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That's strange and amusing - we answered a week old question within minutes span of each other.


You got the most difficult part about the GB numbering in the 'post it' button Smiley Happy

I spend almost 50 minutes investigating it, first time ever, just before posting the reply.

That is a very 'un-intuitive' place to change the prefix.



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I haven't noticed that! But your answer has pictures! Much better!

I had to draw a tool with a lot of holes some months ago and it took me so long to find this 'trick'. 


Have a good day Tushar Smiley Happy


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Hi~ Tushar

maybe you could teach me how to change the text X1/Y1 to a formula I wanted Smiley Tongue

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I'd be glad to if you tell me what the formula is and what your hole prefix should look like.




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Hi Tushar~

thank you so much for your immediately responseCat Happy

I have got the answer when I changed the Origin/size text ,I found the x1/Y1 text would follow the change Cat LOLCat LOL