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Illustrator > DXF > SE 2D Fills are jagged

Dear Users,


When importing DXF files created  using Illustrator the area fills are jagged and do follow the original splines. Circles however are properly filled. Also, DXF export in Illustrator seems duplicate the lines and splines. The fills are also seperate objects from the original drawing. Are these discrepancies par on the conversion process or

Is this a DXF limitation or a SE 2D display problem?



Accepted by topic author MariusMusicus
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Illustrator > DXF > SE 2D Fills are jagged

Hi MariusMusicus I don't suspect that this problem is related to the display system in Draft. The problem is most likely related to the hatch boundary coming from Illustrator. The boundary may not have sufficient precision for SE to consider the boundary to be closed, or the boundary failed to translate successfully. If you would like to file an IR we can investigate this further.  

Re: Illustrator > DXF > SE 2D Fills are jagged

Hi Steve W,


I opened the file using DraftSight free and the same problems occurs. Seems like it's an Illustrator export deficiency. 


BTW, I'm very impressed with SE 2D. It's much easier to learn than DraftSight and slicker too. Great tools, thanks to Siemens for this software.