Import Gerber files?

Is there a way to import Gerber files into Solid Edge? I'd like to be able to import parts of circuit boards to put into a layer so that I can see how the board aligns with a chassis cut out or just how it will fit in a container. I'm using FreePCB to generate the circuit boards and can generate Gerber files for manufacturing, as well as PNG of each layer. I can convert the PNG to JPEG but the image does not import in a 1:1 scale and lining an image up is far too difficult. The only way I found to put an image under the drawing was to put it in the background sheet, but then you can not (or I couldn't figure it out) move the background image while looking at the worksheet to line the two objects up and try to get the scale correct.

The only alternative that I've found is to convert the circuit board project to a .CAD file that is supposed to work in different drafting tools but SE would not open or import that type of file and I'm not sure if renaming it would do the job.


Re: Import Gerber files?

Can you save the files as DWG or DXF?
If you can save to those formats, Solid Edge will import them.
Rick B.

Re: Import Gerber files?

Nope, nothing that I can directly open in SE. I have asked on the PCB forum but I don't think it will happen. I have looked for a suitable application to convert them but most are several hundred dollars which isn't going to happen for me.

If there is interest in adding this to SE I would be more than happy to provide a few sample files. Most of the circuit board design applications can produce the Gerber files for manufacturing so you could get a wider audience by using the Gerbers than by using the project files since none of them do things the same way for the projects.

Re: Import Gerber files?

For now GerbView is doing the job but I still think it would be better to import them directly. Importing gcode would be nice too for taking CNC machining code and turning it back into something that could be edited. They are apparently fairly similar text based formats so once one filter is built getting the second type shouldn't be too hard.