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Good morning,

I have free 2D ST8 and am using Windows 10. 

Is it possible to import into the free 2D software, a .pdf file to use as a basis to produce a scalable 2D drawing?  I looked at a post referring to Inkscape - the user was obviously an expert with the software (very quick actions) and as the language was not English, it did not help!





Re: Import pdf to sketch

You can try using VLC Media Player to slow down the speed of the video.

The non-English version is the best video available for importing PDF into Solid Edge.

Re: Import pdf to sketch


I downloaded a freeware pdf to bmp convertor program , once you have a bmp you can import easily into free2d.



Re: Import pdf to sketch

I assume all you want is to insert the bitmap as an image. If that is correct then there is a command called Image. Image takes the bitmap and puts it on the drawing as an image(picture).



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