Increase resolution in Solid Edge 2D drafting

Is there a way to increase the resolution while working in Solid Edge? I am creating drawings in Solid Edge, copying it from there and pasting into Photoshop Elements to take off the white edge and fill it in with a pattern. However ever since upgrading to ST6, the image turns out pixelated once I paste it into Photoshop. I was hoping if I could up the resolution in Solid Edge, that would fix the problem. Any suggestions are welcome! I've been searching a long time for the answer!


Re: Increase resolution in Solid Edge 2D drafting

Couple of ways to workaround this. Instead of cutting and pasting, save the draft file to an intermediate file format.


You could do a Save As Image and save to one of the file formats supported by Elements e.g. JPEG, TIFF, BMP.


Or you could do a Print and print to the "Solid Edge Velocity PS Printer" and save the file out to a .ps Postscript file.


File formats supported for import by Elements are listed here.


If it were me I would do a Print and save to the Postscript file as this then should not suffer from loss of resolution.