Installing problem on a 32bit computer

A successful download for 2D Drafting but when I come to install the only installation program is for the TS8 release, which as my computer is a 32 bit system will not load.  How do I resolve this problem?


Re: Installing problem on a 32bit computer

ST8 is 64 bit only.  You will have to get ST6 as it was the last 32 bit version.  Not sure how to go about that as I don't see it avaialble on the Free 2D site.


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Re: Installing problem on a 32bit computer

Hi there,


As @Grundey says, you'll need to run ST6 on your 32bit Windows.

One of the Siemens admins will likely see this thread and make contact directly, with a link to download the ST6 version.


Alternatively, if it's an option, you could upgrade [or indeed replace] your system to a 64bit version of Windows.

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