Installscript error

I tried to install SE2DDraft and got the following error:
Installscript engine is missing from this machine.
I went to the Install Shield web site and could not find the proper verion of installscript.msi.
Apparently SE2DDraft.exe uses version 4.1 which is not listed on their site.
Can you help???
I'm running the following:
Windows XP Serv pak 2
Dell Precision M70
Pentium M processor 2.00 GHz
2.0 GB of RAM

Re: Installscript error

I don't know why you are seeing this problem, but the following should resolve it.
1. When you run the self extracting executable, you are prompted for a 'Location
to Save Files'. Write down or just note the folder the files are being extracted
to. You can run the executable again to note this folder location.
2. In windows explorer go to the folder you noted above.
3. Double click on ISScript1150.Msi in this folder. This will install the InstallScriptMSIEngine.

4. In the same folder double click on Setup.exe. Solid Edge 2D Drafting should install.
Rick B.

Re: Installscript error

When you double click on SE2DDraft.exe, you are prompted for a temporary folder
to unpackage the software for installation. If you do not know where this folder
is, double click on SE2DDraft.exe again and make a note of the location. You may
have to change your Windows Explorer Folder Options to display hidden files so you
can navigate to this folder. Navigate to the 'location noted/SE2DDraftingV19/install'.
Double click on 'ISScript1150.msi' in this folder. This will install the InstallScriptMSIEngine.
Then double click on 'setup.exe' in the same folder location. This will install
Solid Edge.
Let me know if this does or does not work.
Rick B.