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Is it possible to display 2d geometry in an Isometric view while using the free 2d product?


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Are you wanting to create 2D geometry that looks like an isometric view?
Or are you wanting to display isometric views in Draft files created from 3D
models in Solid Edge?
Rick B.

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Ricky. I want to know if it's possible to show an Iso view of 2d geometry or of 3D SolidEdge or NX models.

I can can see that you replied to my question but your reply only showed up when I moused over the thread title. Is that the result of a "Quick Reply" or could I be having forum problems? --- I just switched from linear thread mode to Hybrid and I can see your reply now.

Thanks Rich

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Are you trying to manually draw what would be an isometric view using 2D
There are no specific tools to do this. It is a manual process.
Thre are a few ways (dnewsweb, vbulletin, outlook express) to view messages
posted to the newsgroup.
I use outlook express. I am not aware of any problems with messages showing
up. You typically expand the message to see the replies.
Rick B.

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I have not actually tried this yet. I am still in the proccess of evaluating the software. I know that there are some features that are shown in the Help file that are not available in the Free 2d software but It's hard to tell which ones they are. I am looking at the page in the help file that is titled 'Draft Enhancements". There is a nice Iso view shown on that page. Is that something that is available in the free 2d product? If so, how was it included.

Thank you so much for your help.

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I also am interested in what capabilities SE2D Free might have available for creating iso views, either natively, through some sort of supported plugin, or through end-user customisation..

I too am looking for a definitive list of feature differences between SE2D Free and the purchasable project. Some document that lists features and says '(not available in SE2D Free)'. For example, I can't tell whether the Dimension Axis button is dimmed out because it isn't available in this version, or if there's some other requirement to its use that I'm missing.


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It is difficult to specifically list the commands that are not in Solid Edge
2D Drafting vs. Solid Edge Draft.
Basically all the 3D specific commands are removed.
What this means is that if Help is referencing Drawing Views, it most likely
is not in 2D Drafting.
For example if Help discusses Isometric Drawing Views, these are derived
from 3D models.
Other drawing view types such as Auxiliary views and Section views are
derived from 3D Models.
An exception to this is 2D Model views and Detail views which exists in 2D
These drawing views can be created on the working sheet from the 2D geometry
in the 2D Model drawing space.
Anything you can do by constructing the 2D geometry local to the Draft file
is available in 2D Drafting.
The actual file is itentical between Solid Edge Draft and Solid Edge 2D
You can actually create a Draft file in Solid Edge Draft with 3D derived
drawing views and then open them in Solid Edge 2D Drafting.
You can create files in 2D Drafting and open them in Draft.
The 3D derived drawing views will display in 2D Drafting, however they
cannot be manipulated.
Users of Solid Edge do this for collaboration.
They will create drawings and send them to the shop floor or to a vendor as
native drawings.
There is no need to translate the drawings to some other format such as
I hope this is a simple enough description.
Rick B.

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The dimension axis is enabled by changing the 'Orientation' combo box on the
dimension command to 'Use dimension axis'.
Both of these options are enabled or disabled in different dimension
Smart Dimension does not use Dimension axis. Try the Distance Between
Rick B.

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Yes, that was very helpful -- thanks.

I assume the 3D limitation is why drawings are the only thing I can create in SE2D (e.g., no assemblies).

Thanks again!

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Is it possible to import just one view into a free2d drawing file? -- like a merge operation?