License file

When i open Solid Edge it states it could not find a valid license.


I've tried twice to download the full software with the license file included.  Both times it shows as corrupt.


Then i downloaded just the license file and followed instructions in the Readme.


When i select the license file Solid Edge won't open.


What are my options.


Re: License file

I see that you had posted recently about another issue. I assume you had 2D Drafting running at that time. If that is the case you must be installing it on another machine. Is that correct? If this is the case you may be trying to run the software on the second machine through Remote Desktop. The license is not set up to do this. You must be logged directly into the machine on which you want to run the software.



Rick B.

Re: License file

No, it's on the same machine.


I installed it yesterday, and still have that file.  Opened yesterday , no problem.


Today, it asked for a license, so i tried to get it.  Downloaded the license file and the full install file with license imbedded (twice).


I uninstalled the program i installed yesterday, since i wasn't sure if the full install would over-write yesterdays install.  I tried to run the full install i downloaded today and it failed "corrupt file" twice.


Then i installed the full install file from yesterday and tried to use teh license file from today.


Nothing allows me to get the license file installed or open the program.

Re: License file

after further reading of you comment, yes, i am using RDP to work through issues on teh cad machine from my desktop.


I will try to run it directly and reply back.

Re: License file

Rick,  you were right, that was the problem.  Once i went over the pc and ran it, i could see my user name in the bottom right corner during startup.


Thanks, again.