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Make space in dimension stack

I have my stack pitch= 2.5, this is great most of the time.

When I add a subfix to one dimension, this space is too small.

When I try to drag the dimension with the subfix all the dimensions in its stack move with him.

Can I drag it to increase the space from the dimension below it?


Re: Make space in dimension stack

Should be instructions to do this in your Prompt Bar when you select the Dimension.  Hold down the ALT key when you drag that dimension and it will move independent of the stack.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Make space in dimension stack



But if I have 5 Dimensions in a stack and I need to make space for the 3rd, then I need to manually move dim num 3, then num 4, and then num 5.

Is there a way to move 3+4+5 as a group and keep 1+2 in place?

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‎06-29-2016 10:38 AM

Re: Make space in dimension stack

Holding Shift down to move a bunch is a normal expectation but does not seem possible for now.


You can use the ALT trick suggested by Ken to move one at a time and further If keeping them still aligned after movement is a concern then the ALT key yet again comes to the rescue.

To move one dimension and align it with another which has already been moved, with the ALT key still pressed drag it over the other dimension when you get a 'dashed' alignment indicator between the dimensions. Let go the mouse at this point time and you get the moved dimension too aligned properly.


Here are some more hints with using the ALT key in Solid Edge Drafting.