New user - no CAD experience


I have downoaded and installed the 2d software but don't have an Icon to start the
program. I have looked in the program folder but can't see how to start it up.
I can open the training packages. Also I am trying to import scanned files (using
the training package)but 2d keeps indicating that it can't translate the file tried
JPEG, TIFF, etc). Any advice would be most welcome.

Re: New user - no CAD experience

You should be able to click on Start. you shoulkd see an entry for Solid
Edge 2D Drafting.
If you do not see it there, there will be a program group under Start called
Solid Edge 2D Drafting V19. In that program group there is an entry for
Solid Edge 2D Drafting. Click on that entry and the software will run.
Solid Edge 2D Drafting is not an image editor. You cannot directly open
these file types (JPEG, TIFF, tec). You may insert images of these into
Draft files, but you cannot directly modify the files.
Rick B.