Opening DXF files with >200mb file size: Fails



my colleagues are working with solid edge 2D for layout plannings of the factory.
Due to many layers the file size is >200mb per file.


Somehow Solid Edge ST 8 (2D) is unable to open them (JT Viewer does).

- Do you know why this is?
- Do you know if this is common for layout plans to be this size or is there any way (working with linked files?!?) to keep the master drawing with all layers small?





Re: Opening DXF files with >200mb file size: Fails

Hi there @Jul1an,


Hard to say without knowing what is in the it a single sheet file?


Not sure if it could be a limitation on the number of entities in a single 2D file.....but 200MB does sound like a massive file. I have a few 20 sheet draft files with many views & individual components for large assemblies, and those only get half of what you're seeing. Sounds like a cleanup is probably in order.

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
Solid Edge ST10 [MP0] Classic [x2 seats]
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Re: Opening DXF files with >200mb file size: Fails

Hi @SeanCresswell 

thanks for your prompt reply!

Here is what I can see (via NX) how the dxf is structured. Maybe there is something striking?
It shows the layers and the number of objects.