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Printing full sized drawing to 1/8 scale

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I just downloaded Solid Edge 2D a few days ago.  I was using DesignCAD Max23 before, but it lacked some what to me would be basic features.  What it did do that I liked was print full sized drawing in whatever scale you needed simply by putting in the scale factor in the dialog box.  In my case .125.


I have spent the last hour going over the print to scale threads, and it seems that you have to recreate the drawing by copying and pasteing it to a different sheet in a different scale.  It also seemed like everyone had a different way of doing it. I tried to scale the area on the 2D Model tab, and the sheet setup on the sheet tab, neither of which I could get to work.  The solutions are several years old so I thought that maybe it's done differently now.


Just for testing I have a 1inch circle that I want to print at 1/8 scale.  Naturally, the print would be a circle of .125 inches.  How can I do that?


I should mention that I have imported my DesignCAD drawings to work on.  Is it possible that because they are not native to Solid Edge that they can't be handled the same way.








Re: Printing full sized b\drawing to 1/8 scale

I found the problem, or atleast one of them.  To make a copy of the 2D Model you need to select '2D Model' from the 'Table' tab, not the 'View' tab. 


Now that I know how to scale it, how do I get it to scale it correctly.  My 1:1 test circle is 1/16 " short of 1".

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Re: Printing full sized b\drawing to 1/8 scale

When you create a 2D Model view on the working sheet, you are not copying the geometry from the 2D Model working space. you are just creating a view that is a window into the geometry. This view can be set to whatever scale. Simply click on the view on the working sheet (Sheet1). You will see the ribbon bar for the view. There is a scale that you can change on this ribbon bar.



Rick B. 

Re: Printing full sized b\drawing to 1/8 scale

Thanks Rick,


I found out how to scale the drawing, but it wasn't until today that I found out why it was so inaccurate.  A simple wrong selection in the print area.  Works great now.


Thanks for the tip of just clicking on the work sheet to bring up the Editing Bar.