RDP - Remote desktop SE start up


This post is only a repeat of info in a thread regarding licence expiration.
I'm restating my finding here because I realized that my issue was not one with
the Oct. 31st expiration altough it involves license and that the user group search
engine only looks into titles.
SE won't start up if you try to run it through and Terminal Servers session. At
startup times it will send a message stating that no valid license can be found.
However if you start SE from your computer an let it runs. Than you can use it
with RDP.
Don't shut it down though or you'll have to restart it from the host computer again.

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I still experience this problem with SolidEdge 2D Drafting on Windows 8 - cannot run SE2D from RDP session,
but can use it if started from local session.
Are there any way to resolve this?
Is that for SE2D only or also valid for SE (3D)?

Re: RDP - Remote desktop SE start up

If I understand what you're saying, I believe I read in a previous post that you can not run SE remotely.

Re: RDP - Remote desktop SE start up

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This is the free Solid Edge 2D Drafting only. Solid Edge will run remotely.

Rick B.