Replace assembly in draft drawings



This is what I am trying to do but I cannot get the dimensions to remain attached: 


1. Import step file into ST9, save as assembly (successful)

2. Create draft(s) (successful)

3. Import new step file of same geometry with changes (Same names for all assemblies and parts) [Successful]

4. Update draft(s) for file with the minor changes [Unsuccessful: all dimensions detach]


I have tried using 'Design Manager' with 'replace part' and also 'Edit links' in the draft document. Neither have been successful. 


If there is a way of doing this simply so that it can be done every time I need to important an updated geometry that would be great please


Re: Replace assembly in draft drawings

Probably should ask this in the Solid Edge forum.  This is targeted to the Free 2D product which does not include the 3D parts...


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Replace assembly in draft drawings

Thank you!